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How Pets Help Relieve Our Loneliness and Depression


It’s no secret that animal companionship can bring a great deal of joy to our hearts when we are struggling in life. But why exactly are pets so comforting to us? There are a host of reasons both mental and physical for why a cuddly pup can boost our mood and make life feel more tolerable in times of distress. Read on to learn how pets are scientifically proven to boost our moods and inject joy into our life.


It’s been researched that pets are very interconnected to human life. Dogs can comprehend large chunks of our vocabulary and are always keyed into our emotional state based on the type of body language and tone we use around them. 


Here are three ways pets directly increase our quality of life:


  • Ease the Effects of Loneliness: Simply put, pets offer us companionship. Even when we feel disconnected and cut off from our peers, a cat or dog will be there for us. As social creatures, this kind of attachment can pay us emotional dividends in an otherwise dismal setting. 


  • Lessen Depression & Anxiety: Owning a can be a significant step towards curbing mental health issues such as pervasive anxiety or burdensome depression. It’s been reported that simply playing with a dog or a cat can raise our levels of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, allowing our overthinking brains to become more relaxed and at peace. 


  • Improve our Cardiovascular Health: It’s known that people with pets often have overall lower blood pressure, showing significant benefits in just a few months. Additionally, heart attack survivors who own pets have been shown to live longer compared to their petless peers.  


These are just a few of the reasons why pets are a blessing in any household. As pet parents, we are truly lucky to have a furry loved one at our side to calm and ease the pains that life inevitably delivers.


Life of Riley is Here to Keep Your Pet Looking and Feeling Their Best

At Life of Riley, we pride ourselves on the level of talent and skill our staff can deliver to our beloved patients. We have a wide range of grooming services and guarantee that your furry friend will leave our doggy spa feeling fresh and dazzling! If you need a regular groomer, we encourage you to call us today to book your pup’s first day at our spa!



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