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5 Ways to Reduce Litter Box Smell for Cats


It’s up to us as responsible pet owners to make sure our cats are in clean and healthy environments. Living with a pungent litter box smell isn’t really a pleasant experience for anyone in the family, so it’s important to reduce the odor.

If the litter box your cat uses has a strong odor, then here are 5 ways to reduce the smell so you and your cat can live in a fresh environment:


  • Choose the appropriate litter box: Certain litter boxes can be easier to clean than others. For example, you can find plastic litter boxes that are odor and stain-resistant, making your job easier! And in this day and age of technology, there are even self-cleaning litter boxes that automate the job. Imagine that!
  • Choose the right location for the litter box: Consider the ventilation in whichever area you decide to place the litter box. An area that is open and in an area that has open air-flow is a smart way to reduce the trapped smells. 
  • Choose a cat litter for odor control: When selecting cat litter, consider factors such as whether the litter has activated charcoal or carbon, additional fragrances in the litter, low dust formulas, smaller granule size, and natural ingredients.
  • Maintain a steady cleaning schedule: Keep things easier on yourself by scheduling a regular cleaning schedule. Daily maintenance of the litter box will benefit both you and your cat. 


If you’re in the Rockville / Adams Morgan area, then check out Life of Riley Rockville the next time you need someone to take care of your cat and ensure they’re around a clean and safe environment! Contact us today if you’re looking for daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and more!

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