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5 Tips To Train Your Dog


Having a well behaved pup that knows how to act in different situations builds trust between you and your dog, and will give you the confidence to take them to different places and introduce your dog to new people. Training your dog takes time and patience. Below are some tips to properly train your dog:


  • Be patient with your dog: Dogs don’t understand human language at first. You may say words with the unconscious expectation that your dog understands what that means. Eventually, with patience and practice, your dog will be able to understand certain keywords. But remember that it will take time. 
  • Understand your dog’s body language: Dogs are constantly communicating to us through their body language. Their tails, ears, and posture are key indicators to how they are feeling. For example, a dog that has their tails tucked between their legs may be in a fearful state and may require more patience and love to get them to do what you want. 
  • Train them with treats: Most dogs are heavily treat motivated and will quickly learn what to do through the positive reinforcement of treats. By giving them a treat that they enjoy when they do the desired behavior, your dog will learn much faster.
  • Reinforce only positive behavior and don’t scold for negative behavior: It’s important that you reinforce only the positive behavior from your dog by giving them a treat or petting them. It’s also just as important not to scold your dog if they don’t do the desired action. 


  • Have a positive attitude: Always remember to be in a positive mindset and have a great attitude when it comes to training your dog! Even if your dog takes a long time to do the desired behavior, the time spent training your dog is a great bonding moment that you and your furry pup are sharing and should be cherished.  

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At Life of Riley, we only employ the most talented dog trainers who solely use positive reinforcement methods to encourage your pup to work with us, rather than cooperate out of fear. Please contact us to discuss your dog’s unique training needs and to schedule an initial consultation.

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