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Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Biting


Fear or frustration, becoming defensive, guarding others, or intimidation are some of the most typical reasons a dog shows violence towards someone or bites them. Most dogs will indulge in regular mouthing or play nipping, but if you notice your dog biting others violently, it's time to take action.

Start Early 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, socializing is a smart approach to help prevent your dog from biting by making them feel at ease in various situations. Introduce your puppy to humans and other animals while still a puppy to feel more at ease in various circumstances as it grows older. It's also crucial to keep your dog under control while in public by using a leash.

Consider a Muzzle

If you're nervous about taking your dog for a walk or taking them near people, a harness or a muzzle might be a good option. They're great for limiting your dog's ability to bite, chew, and bark. Although a muzzle should not be used in place of training, it will keep your dog from biting or eating items they shouldn't. 

Teach Impulse Control 

You must have heard or even taught your dog to do certain actions simply by saying “sit,” “come,” etc., and giving them a treat. You can stop your dog from biting by teaching them impulse control. It will teach your dog patience, but it will also deepen your bond with your dog and teach him not to bite. 

Do Not Use Violence

Do not use physical, forceful, or aggressive punishment to train your dog. Before turning to aversives like shock collars and loud noises to correct undesirable behavior, utilize positive reinforcement, for example, praise and goodies. Since dogs want to please their owners, consistently rewarding them for desired behavior is significantly more effective than punishing them. 

Watch Body Language Closely

If your dog has growled or snapped in the past, keep a record of it to manage similar circumstances better. If you’re taking your dog to a new place or around new people, it’s critical to provide them with space from individuals who want to get too close to your dog too quickly. Allow them to relax in their sanctuary, complete with food and toys. Playing music might also help your dog relax. 

Get Professional Help

If your dog seems to be behaving strangely or out of character, it’s best to see a professional, especially if you cannot control their biting. A vet would access your dog and give them adequate treatment. 


There are multiple methods to prevent your dog from biting you and others, but the most important thing is a strong relationship. Talk to a professional trainer when all else fails, and your dog keeps biting you or others. They can give you some advice that might help the situation. 


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