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Helping Your Pup Deal with Separation Anxiety When You Go Back to School


Do you feel guilty about leaving your pup home when you return to school?


We know it's hard. We're parents too, and we're constantly torn between wanting to be with our kids and wanting to do the thing that makes us happy. But we also want our children to learn how to deal with things independently, including coping with anxiety.


And guess what? It's not just human pups who can get anxious. Dogs experience anxiety too! And while they can't tell us why they feel the way they do, dog daycare is a way to help them cope.


Here are ways how dog daycares help your pup cope with anxiety:


Provides socialization and exercise.

This is especially helpful for dogs who are afraid of other dogs or people and those who live in tiny homes or apartments with few opportunities to get out and play. They give your pup a place where they can learn new things and make friends. 


Plus, daycare staff members can help you train your dog, teaching them some basic commands or taking them through advanced training exercises.

Keeps them safe while you are away!

You're in school and can't take your dog with you. Without a dog daycare to provide around-the-clock supervision, it's easy for your pup to get into trouble while you're away. 


Dogs can get injured or sick if left alone for long periods and may even destroy things in your home! Above all, your dog might feel lonely and neglected when left alone for long periods. Dog daycare can help your pup feel loved and secure, primarily if you work long hours or travel often.


It keeps your pup mentally stimulated.

Dogs need to be mentally stimulated as much as they need to be physically exercised. Without proper stimulation, your dog is more likely to develop behavioral problems and become destructive in your home. 


Your pup will have plenty of opportunities at a dog daycare to explore new environments, socialize with other dogs and interact with people.


It helps to prevent separation anxiety.

If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, you must find ways to help keep them calm and relaxed when left alone in your home. Dog daycare is one way to do this because socializing with other dogs can help distract your pup from feeling anxious about being separated from their human family members. 


Especially now that you are back to school, you will have less time to spend with your pup. But a dog daycare can help keep your dog happy and healthy while you're busy with schoolwork and other responsibilities.


Life of Riley Pet Hotel&Spa: Where Your Dog Is In Good Hands

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Whether you need a place for your pooch to stay, or you want to make sure your best friend gets the grooming and attention that he or she deserves, we have the perfect solution for you! Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and we take pride in our ability to meet all of our customers' needs. We take the time to get to know every dog by name and give them the personal attention they deserve.

Our guests are always thrilled with the care they receive here at Life of Riley Pet Hotel&Spa. They love coming back every time! If you seek help for your fur friends, don't hesitate to contact us!


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Healthy pets are happy pets,
trust their paws to our caring hands!
Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!
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