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5 Interesting Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Mind


Activity is the best way to keep your precious pup happy and healthy. Just lazing about and being on their own is not fun for a dog nor is it good for their wellbeing. Owners have the responsibility to provide their pups with not only physical exercise but mental exercise as well! Being challenged mentally is excellent for dogs with many benefits to their life! 


  1. Obedience Training

Teaching your dog tricks and proper behavior is a great way to give them some mental challenges. You can start with the more straightforward tricks like sit and shake and move your way up as they learn. Owners can even opt to teach them particular manners and orders once they have developed their brains more. If you want to make it even more interesting, teach your dog something special and unique to their personalities! Your dog will undoubtedly feel the mental challenge as it attempts to discern the orders given to them!


  1. Do Some Errands

Many dog breeds were bred to perform specific tasks and be the ultimate working companions! These days, not many owners utilize their working potential and choose to keep them as house pets instead. An excellent way for them to get some mental exercise is if you run some errands with your precious pooch. Let them help you out and maybe give them a menial task, so they feel like they are contributing!


  1. Take Them Someplace New

Whenever your dog enters an unfamiliar location, their senses are put into overdrive as they explore their surroundings. As they do this, your pooch is getting some great mental stimulation while having the time of their lives! A great mental exercise for them is to explore a new area and let them sniff and look around until they’ve had enough!


  1. Play Some Games

Another great way to challenge your dog mentally is to work their brain with some fun games! Try playing some hide and seek with them or have them figure out a homemade obstacle course. Just remember to prioritize the thinking aspect of the games, so they get more than just physical exercise!


  1. Try Toys

Probably the most straightforward method would be to just get them some brain teasers and mental exercise toys! Many toymakers have created tons of interesting new ways to challenge your dog's mental acuity. Experiment and find which one your pooch enjoys the best!

Get Some Great Mental Stimulation For Your Dog at Life of Riley

Life of Riley, situated in Rockville, has everything your pup could need or want! Our fun facility offers boarding and grooming for dogs that need to stay the night. If you want some mental exercise for your precious dog, our staff are trained and knowledgeable in teaching them new things! Give us a call and see how we could stimulate your dog’s mind!

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